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EDC Mexico To Take Place February 29, 29, + March 1

There are few event companies with a reach like Pasquale Rotella‘s Insomniac Events. Insomniac‘s flagship festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, has become synonymous with rave culture. It seems as though from the looks of things, that they have no plans on stopping any time soon. EDC is now held in multiple countries, with some of those being Japan, China, Korea, and Mexico. Today, we bring you news on the latter.

The news, in particular, is that the EDC Mexico experience will now be extended an additional day. It’s insane to think that EDC Mexico will now also, take place over the course of three days. By doing so, the festival will join the ranks of Insomniac‘s other 3-day EDC experiences. Those being the up-coming EDC Orlando, and of course, EDC Las Vegas.

The amount of excitement this is sure to bring to headliners around the world will be immeasurable. Pasquale said it best when he posted the following to his social media accounts:

“👏👏👏😎 The energy keeps building and our community continues to grow. Can’t wait to do it BIG in 2020 with all of you! Vamos Headliners! 🇲🇽🙌 #EDCMexico

If you’ve yet to attend any edition of Insomniac‘s Electric Daisy Carnival, what are you waiting for? When it is all said and done, I truly believe that this might just be remembered as the electronic Woodstock of our generation. With that being said, be sure to look into EDC Mexico, as the festivals south of the border are out of this world. Once you throw Insomniac into the mix, things truly become unreal.

For more information on all things, Insomniac be sure to check out their official website here. Stay up to date with EDC Mexico, here. The full EDC Mexico reveal can be found below, see you there!

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Words by Byron Muir
Music Editor