29-Page Guide Released for How To Safely Reopen Venues Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

As businesses and venues begin the reopening process amid the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to have safety guidelines in place. That’s why Steven Adelman and Jacob Worek of the Event Safety Alliance have released a 29-page guide for event professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. They coordinated with over 400 music industry professionals to bring the best of their knowledge to the masses.

An impactful excerpt from the report states: “If small events and venues can reopen without increasing COVID-19 transmission rates, it will open the door for progressively larger spaces to implement similar measures on a larger scale in the future. If, on the other hand, the first attempt at a safe reopening is a failure, that would set back the entire event industry.”

The guide also points out, “A government directive legally allowing you to reopen does not mean you can do so safely.” Thus, the recommended guidelines include, but are not limited to:

    • Hand washing every hour and after sneezing, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, etc.
    • Masks required
    • Sanitizing — door handles, sink faucets, soap dispensers, elevator buttons, phones, water fountains, vending machines, trash bins and computers, etc.
    • Staggered lines into venues
    • Temperature screening for customers
    • Clear protective shields for will call and box office windows
    • Employers must provide paid sick leave
    • Educate via mobile apps, ticket-selling sites and social media

Read the entire Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide here.


Source: Billboard