An Orchestral Candlelight Tribute to Daft Punk is Happening This Summer

The news of Daft Punk‘s split has struck a chord with Manchester’s Kaleidoscope Orchestra — so much so, they’re planning a candlelight tribute in the duo’s honor.

Orchestral renditions of Daft Punk favorites will be performed at Manchester Cathedral this summer as part of two back-to-back, socially-distanced events. While we generally think of candlelight as a way to commemorate the dead, the intention here is to cultivate an intimate, ambient setting that compliments the soundtrack.

Kaleidoscope Orchestra is known for covering previous works of Daft Punk, as demonstrated via the medley below. The group’s mission is to “bridge the gap between classical and electronic music” and this unique concert experience fits the bill.

Candlelight: A Tribute to Daft Punk with Kaleidoscope Orchestra is set to take place Friday, August 20th. Tickets range from £35 to £55, depending on proximity to the stage.

More info and tickets here.

 Kaleidoscope Orchestra’s Daft Punk Medley