AREA21 [Martin Garrix & Maejor] Drop Cryptic Teaser Signaling New Music

AREA21 (Martin Garrix and Maejor) are readying for a big comeback.

Just yesterday the duo sent out an email blast and video on social media with a distorted message — “Hello. We are coming. On a mission to — [static] Can you hear us? Will you join us?” Although the teaser is rather cryptic, those who have been following the project closely know this message signals new music.

Last year, Garrix revealed: “We basically made a whole album.”

“The new stuff is not super electronic,” he described of AREA21’s sound. “It’s like Gorillaz meets Outkast meets little bit of Daft Punk. It’s very playful.”

AREA21 first came on the scene in 2016 with the project’s debut single “Spaceships.” They followed up with more singles, including “Glad You Came,” “We Did It,” and most recently, “HELP” in 2019.

We’re all ears for what comes next. Check out the teaser below.


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