Beatport Introduces New Organic House / Downtempo Genre

Beatport has added a new genre to get us in touch with our chill side.

Welcome, Organic House / Downtempo. The new category just made its way to Beatport’s official website, which may include any on the following dance subgenres: Downtempo, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Electronica, Progressive House (and more). Previously, these cuts may have fallen into categories including Afro House, Deep House, Electronica, Melodic House & Techno.

Think Burning Man. Delicate grooves you might hear during a sunrise or deep, meditative productions. Tribal percussion, pan flutes, and didgeridoos during a time of ceremony. These are the sounds of Organic house / Downtempo that make room for intentional and perhaps slower four on the floor grooves.

Beatport’s Organic House / Downtempo realm is cultivated by ​Sabo, BLOND:ISH, Britta Arnold, Shawni, Bedouin, Nicola Cruz, Oliver Koletzki, Lazarusman, Namito, Amonita, Behrouz, Oona Dahl, Amine K, Mira, Acid Pauli, M.A.N.D.Y., Damian Lazarus, YokoO, KMLN, Pachanga Boys, Monolink and more.

Plus, labels such as ​Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Sol Selectas, Crosstown Rebels, Desert Dwellers, Get Physical, RADIANT., Hoomidaas Records, Pipe & Pochet, and Bercana Music.

Beatport’s Head of Curation​, Raphael Pujol, provides a statement: We are thrilled to give the extra visibility to this music through the creation of the Organic House / Downtempo genre classification. This unique sound was scattered over 3 or 4 genres and made it very difficult for customers to find the music they love, and to give the amount of exposure they deserve to labels and artists.

Shoutout to Beatport for its ever-evolving representation and classification of dance and electronic music.

Explore Organic House / Downtempo here.


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