Bid for 24-Hour Nightlife Districts in NYC Follows Up Similar Proposal in Chicago

24-hour nightlife districts? Yes, please!

The NYC Office for Nightlife is fighting for this change, which would extend hours well past the standard 4 AM curfew. The proposal comes as part of a bid to help NYC nightlife thrive post-COVID, after over a year spent in lockdown.

Previously, 24-hour models like this have been successfully implemented in Berlin and Amsterdam. Bringing this concept to the US would certainly liven up the dance music scene for locals and tourists alike.

Senior Executive of NYC Office for Nightlife, Ariel Palitz, explains to WCBS:

Everything is on the table right now. We are recommending this as a pilot to identify areas where 24-hour use might be appropriate; new licenses that are committed to hosting community programming in exchange for this allowance in certain areas have proved wildly successful.

Earlier this year, Chicago City Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa proposed a similar idea for Chicago, the birthplace of house music. Taking the concept a step further, his concept includes workshops and classes to accompany the all-nighters. More on this below.


Source: DJ Mag