Chemical Warfare Expert Says You Should "Never Get In A Pool In Las Vegas"

Las Vegas is reopening, along with its signature poolside venues and parties — but how safe/sanitary are the pools to begin with?

Interestingly enough,¬†biological warfare expert Dan Kaszeta¬†has been speaking out on the subject. He recently sounded off on Twitter as to why people should “never get in a pool in Las Vegas.”

“Don’t even touch the water,” he warned.

Years back, Kaszeta sent some Las Vegas pool water from a “major hotel” in for testing, only to find “Alarming levels of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, both highly resistant to chlorine. A huge number of metabolites from human urine. Fecal matter, human, mammal, and avian. Trace amounts of cocaine, ketamine, and several different opiates,” and more.

Years later, same results — “same shit, different year,” he said.

Although properly maintained public pools with the average amount of chlorine should kill off unwanted bacteria and even coronavirus (COVID-19), Kaszeta’s expert opinion is still 10/10 would not recommend.

Read the entire, horrifying account below.


Source: IFL Science | Photo via Michael Gray