Control Freak and Nvadrz’s “Self Righteous” is exactly what you needed to listen to today

Control Freak and Nvadrz came swinging with their long-awaited second collaboration “Self Righteous.” From the large anthemic horns to the destructive baselines, there’s no denying this attitude driven track is a call for utter obliteration.

The record is an absolute banger of a song with a large anthemic buildup and glitchy and chaotic drop. As the record continues the emotion in the track is taken drastically in a new direction. Take a listen for yourself. See what Nvadrz and Control Freak had to say about their new single:

“Self Righteous has been a staple track in all my sets for the past year and a half, it’s the track that always gets the loudest reaction. After being asked about it since, I am happy we can finally share it with everyone. Control Freak said I have been opening my sets with this record for the last year and a half and it gets a sick reaction almost every time. I always have a lot of fun writing tracks with NVADRZ because I feel our individual styles compliment each other so well! Aside from him being one of my close friends, he’s easily one of my favorite upcoming artists. So many people have been patiently waiting and asking for this track, and we are both so stoked to finally put this one out!”

Listen to the new collaboration from Control Freak and NVADRZ below and be sure to follow them on social media as well for the latest updates from the two emerging acts.