Cyclops Finally Drops The “Egg”

Combining a love for heavy music and weird sounds, Keith Palmieri aka Cyclops has established his name within a new class of dubstep. Inspired by some of hottest acts in bass music right now such as the likes of Space Laces, Marauda, and SVDDEN Death, Cyclops has forged his own journey. Curating his own specific sound design and massive bass bangers, Cyclops has quickly arisen to the top of his class.

Since teasing the “Egg Song” since last October he has accumulated over 1,000,000 views across IG & TW using the audio. The “Egg Song” is as hard as it is comedic. The song builds up quickly with Cyclops signature abrasive synths and glitchy overtones before a vocal sample comes up simply saying “Egg.”

When asked about the creative process behind “Egg Song” Cyclops said: “I started Egg Song the week before lost lands last year. It started as a VIP to my song “Barbarians” with the “Egg” vocal sample. The original version of Barbarians already has a distorted bassline, so for the VIP I wanted to really push that farther and made the bass so overly distorted that it just sounded like a mechanical hum, which became the center for the drop. Playing it at lost lands the crowd reception was really good. I posted it as a reel on instagram and it caught on pretty quick and soon people were asking me at every show when “that egg song” would be released which prompted turning it into an original called Egg Song”

Starting Cyclops in his college dorm room, to now supporting ATLiens on their sold out headline tour, there is no doubt that Cyclops is here to stay. Listen to “Egg Song” finally out now below.

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