DJ Mag Names Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike #1 DJs for Life

With the increasing number of shows cancelled for 2020, seeing your favorite DJs live is harder than ever. Though live streams have somewhat alleviated that burden, there’s nothing like feeling the bass in your chest and waving your hand through the lasers fluttering overhead. To that end, voting for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs this year will be harder than ever — or easier, depending on your perspective.

In order to reduce strain on fans, DJ Mag has decided to award the #1 spot to last year’s winner by default: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. And in what is sure to be considered an off-the-wall move, beginning this year, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will retain their #1 spot in perpetuity.

“The decision wasn’t an easy one, but it seems the easiest moving forward,” the publication said in a press statement disseminated to members of the media. “Ultimately, we want to give fans a reason to tune in to the awards every year, and they will continue to be held every year during Amsterdam Music Festival.”

It continued, “However, in order to ease the burden on our fans, we felt it would be easiest to have a de facto winner each year, and we’ve chosen Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to represent our prestigious list now and forever in the future.”

Dimitri Vegas added, “It’s incredible to be your #1 DJs for life. It’s an honor we don’t take lightly and we’ll work hard sure to make sure we are worthy of the position.”

Voting for the DJ Mag Top 100 will open this summer — fans will still be encouraged to vote, with one caveat: only four entry spots will be available, as opposed to five, and they will be numbered two through five.


Disclaimer: Happy April Fool’s. We know right now that everyone is hurting, and #NoAprilFools is even trending, but we felt that to not bring levity and laughter to an otherwise very grim period in our lives wouldn’t be in line with how we do things. Though we aim to briefly deceive, our aim is not to anger or inflame any pre-existing issues, but to flip the script and examine a world where the inconceivable thrives. We hope you and yours are staying healthy during these trying times.