Don Diablo Throws Sold Out Event At "Corona Proof" Stadium

There’s a reason watches are labeled water resistant and some materials are fire retardant… because saying something is X “proof” is a dangerous and often untenable claim. Last night, Don Diablo claims he played in a “corona proof stadium” in Germany.

According to DJ Mag Germany, “the visitors sit in so-called ‘cubes’ in their own area. On the lower level of the arena, the seats are divided into blocks of four, with a distance of 1.5 meters from the neighboring block. […] Extensive hygiene and disinfection measures, distance rules, mask requirement on walkways and contact tracking naturally have priority to protect visitors.” It’s unclear what the rules were for the upper seats.

If hygiene, social distancing, and masks were all it took to fully eradicate the threat of COVID-19, there’s no reason that other entire countries implementing the same guidelines would still be experiencing spikes and illnesses.

The 18,000 person arena sold at limited capacity to accommodate the unique structure of the “cubes” on the floor, which, if you compare the concept design in Don Diablo’s tweets to what was really there, look like nothing more than just glorified social distancing spaces. Other photos show attendees without masks in the arena, which follows the venue’s guidelines of “mask requirement on walkways” and we also have to assume that each group in a ‘cube’ were quarantining together, though there’s no way to confirm that. However, it’s been shown that the threat of COVID-19 is significantly higher in enclosed spaces with recycled air systems than any outdoor area.

Ultimately, each attendee is free to make their own choices. But marketing this as a “corona proof” stadium and the “first steps toward a better future” are dangerous claims to make, especially if anyone unfortunately gets COVID-19 from the event.


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