Dubloadz Is Coming Back From Hiatus With a “Chill and Pretty” House Tune

In July last year, Dubloadz announced he was putting a stop to his artist project. I hesitate to say “quit” now, although that’s how we framed it in our initial coverage, because, for one, he never used that word specifically; he stated, “The truth is Dubloadz is like a band aid that I need to rip off at this point.” Two, he spoke about losing the happiness he once felt being part of the music industry.

“I feel physically sick to my stomach as I type this honestly but I can’t keep putting it off. Maybe one day I will find my happiness and something will rise from the ashes of all this. I can only ope, but I can’t promise.”

Well, from the ashes something will rise, as Dubloadz announced earlier this week that he’s reviving the project, although it won’t be for a dubstep release (though, there’s no ruling that out in the future). “I actually have a song coming out this month,” he writes. “It’s house though, and it’s chill and pretty. No headbanging sorry suckas.”

Honestly, we’re just happy that’s Dubloadz is in a place again where he feels comfortable releasing music. And for those who want to see him perform again, you’re not entirely out of luck, but you’re going to have to make a concession for a Houseloadz set in LA. As if that’s such a compromise. /s

Keep an eye out for new Dubloadz music before the month is out.


Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events