Ekali & Ex-Fiancée Sam Black “Go Their Separate Ways Amicably” In Joint Statement

In a stunning turn of events, Ekali and ex-fiancée Sam Black have put out a joint statement, sharing they have “decided to go our separate ways amicably.”

Last month, Black came out with numerous, scathing tweets relating to her ex, accusing him of cheating, leaving bruises on her arms, abusing drugs, and more. Now, all of those tweets are gone.

We’re not sure what happened in the past 24 days, but whatever it is, the two have apparently worked things out.

“As many of you know, my ex fiancee and I have been going through a breakup quite publicly,” the joint statement reads. “We’d like to apologize for inundating you all with our private business. We have decided to go our separate ways amicably.”

For sure a public breakup, as they remark, this sudden turnaround comes as a bit of a surprise. Despite the statement and removal of her tweets, Black says that it does not discredit her earlier remarks. “It simply means we found an alternative more agreeable way to solve these issues,” she says. “Lying is absolutely not in my nature.”


Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine