Ekali Former Fiancée, Sam Black, Comes Out With Accusations Of Abuse Against Him

Late last night, DJ Sam Black, formerly engaged to Ekali, posted a horrific account of her experiences with the producer in which she claims he put her “through hell by gaslighting, lying, cheating, and abusing me, abusing drugs,” and more.

According to the statement, Black decided to finally post about his actions after he slept with his friend’s girlfriend in his friend’s house after taking him in after Black kicked Ekali out of their home. She also mentions an incident in which he apparently went on a bender in Tulum and was detained getting off a flight at LAX in September.

“He wasn’t arrested on the plane; he stood up because they told him while we were flying, ‘Just so you know, you’re getting arrested when we land,’ so when the plane landed he got off first and said to everyone, ‘Ya ya ya it’s me the crazy person is getting off.’ So he walked off willingly, and then when I got off the plane he was standing with 4 officers uncuffed. I walked through customs and saw him again, walking a different direction and he was cuffed.” He was released at LAX, but Black says she doesn’t know how.

He was then detained again at their home the next day and placed on a 5150 hold at Exodus Mental Hospital in Los Angeles at Black’s request, so that he wouldn’t lose his visa. When we spoke with Black, she says this was the day that she called off the engagement.

“He came at me verbally attacking me following me around the house screaming he didn’t do anything wrong (the previous night was the LAX police incident) and I was calling and texting his managers and best friends to come get him,” she told Your EDM. “They said we are done, we can’t help him just call the police. Then he grabbed me by both arms so hard (see the bruising in my photos) and that’s when I called the cops. They came and wanted to charge and arrest him for domestic violence but I asked them to take him as a 5150 so he wouldn’t have a record.”

In her statement, Black continues that a week after he was placed on 5150 hold, he allegedly went to Boulder to hook up with another girl.

After her statement, many more women and fans came forward with their own experiences with Ekali, which she shared.

Also, rather than making any sort of public statement, he’s apparently messaging fans and “manipulating them and threatening them,” in Black’s words.

At this time, Ekali has still not made any public statement. Your EDM has reached out to his management for comment but we have not heard back at time of publication. We will continue to update as we hear more.


Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine