Eric Prydz Reveals New Cirez D Music Coming This Month

Eric Prydz aka Cirez D signals new music in his latest video share…

Reminiscent of the promo we’re used to seeing for his live events, a warehouse comes alive, teasing two brand new tracks from the masterful producer’s well known moniker. With this, we now know “Valborg” and “The Raid” are on the near horizon.

Both tracks are due out May 22, 2020 on Mouseville Records. (Not to be confused with mau5trap.)

In addition to making new music, Prydz has been keeping Epic Radio going strong. From the sounds of it, he tested out “The Raid” with much success last night. Listen to the full set here.

Quarantine just got better for Prydz fans! Check back here to listen when these tracks drop!


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