Everything We Know About Porter Robinson's New Album, Starting with A Possible ODESZA Collab

UPDATE 1/29 | Porter Robinson’s new song “Get your Wish” is now live. Listen here.

An hour ago, Porter Robinson dropped a bomb: he’s releasing his sophomore album, Nurture, the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album, Worlds, this year. Even better, he announced the first track is coming out tomorrow so you don’t have to wait very long!

Called “Get Your Wish,” it will premiere at 11am PST and you can watch it here.

Apart from that though, there’s so much more that we already know, or can presume, about the album.

ODESZA Collab?

It’s entirely possible that ODESZA are just supporting Porter on his announce, but the sly smiley face, and only the smiley face, in response to his tweet has us wondering. The two have never collaborated, but their sounds have definitely become more copacetic in the time since Worlds was released.

New Tour is for certain, but new stage design?

The image currently serving as the thumbnail for the “Get your Wish” premiere tomorrow looks suspiciously like it could be a new stage design for the tour. It’s simple and understated while still offering so many possibilities in terms of visuals and interactions. Of course, this isn’t confirmed and there could be more added if it does end up being this, but still, something to consider.

Vinyl pre-order is coming

A pre-order link for the “Get your Wish” vinyl was tweeted and very, very quickly deleted. But of course Porter fans caught it and posted it to Reddit. According to the original link before it was removed, the vinyl would ship March 27, 2020.

Hidden GPS coordinates

Probably the biggest mystery of the announcement is still the Google maps link obscured by an image about 14 seconds into the video. It’s been confirmed that there are two links, though no one has been accurately able to identify where they lead or what destinations are referred to.

Coordinates also appear on the left side during that same sequence, referring to the North Pole and the South Pole, though those are likely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. The best way to stay up to date on this topic is likely via the Porter Robinson subreddit.

In another tweet about “Get your Wish,” the coordinates 10° 15′ 2.018″ N and 12° 17′ 2.019″ W are seen near the track title. That location leads to a remote area in Guinea in Africa — unlikely anything there related to Porter. The other theory going around now is that the coordinates relate to dates: 10/15/2018 and 12/17/2019. So far, no one has been able to find anything important on either of those dates relating to Porter. However, others have suggested a pattern, two months and two days ahead per year, meaning February 19, 2020. Some are suggesting this is when the album could come out. Again, these are just theories at this point.

We’ll add to this post with any new developments, and stay tuned for the release of “Get your Wish” tomorrow morning!


Photo via Jake West Photo