Excision & Kai Wachi Drop Debut Collab, “Demisaur” [LISTEN]

For their first-ever collaboration, Excision and Kai Wachi sure went as hard they possibly could. And, why wouldn’t they? From bass music’s reigning dino lord to the beefiest dubstep Adonis, both have made a career of putting out the wildest and heaviest tracks they could. (Of course, they both have some softer material but that’s irrelevant in this case.)

There’s not much to say about “Demisaur” other than it succeeds in its sole goal: pumping out as much bass as possible. There isn’t too much innovation in the production, the rhythm, or the style. It just wants to rattle your chest and leave you breathless, and not only is that completely okay, it does its job.

“Demisaur” follows a string of recent collaborations from Excision, including “Salvation,” “Broken Pieces,” “Bunker Buster,” “Unbound” and more. Between consistent Subsidia releases, curating two new events, and working on an upcoming album, Excision has been incredibly busy in 2021.

Check out the new collab below!


Photo via Fadewood Studios