Excision & Slander Finally Release Collaboration “Your Fault” with Elle Vee

Finally, after nearly a year of waiting, “Your Fault” from Excision & Slander with Elle Vee is here!

First premiered last year at Hijinx when the two did their first-ever back to back set, this explosive collaboration bridges the best of both Excision’s in your face bass and Slander’s melodic side, coupling nicely with the wonderful vocals from Elle.

At just a little over five minutes long, the whole track feels like an epic journey, from the difficulties of climbing the mountain to the pure ecstasy of reaching the top and looking down at the challenges you’ve overcome.

I wish the bass in the heavier drops was a bit more tonal, but the juxtaposition with the more melodic side makes it all worth it in the end. Check out “Your Fault” below!