EXCLUSIVE: YehMe2 Puts Promoters, DJs On Blast for “Vanilla” Streams, Says He’s Leaving EDM

YehMe2 has announced his time in EDM may be coming to an end…

Yesterday, Josh Young aka YehMe2 and once 1/2 of Flosstradamus, took to Twitter to share his open and honest thoughts about his project. For trap lovers everywhere, his unexpected statement is difficult to read.

“none of the promoters fuck with me,” he said. “since i left floss i feel legit black listed. so fuck it, my album is gonna be straight rap shit.”

We reached out to him for further clarification and here’s what he said:

I saw the quarantine streaming boom as a potential for different artists to be given huge exposure at little risk/cost to the promoter. But what we’ve seen are the same vanilla line ups playing the same vanilla sets. 

I have always had to evolve and innovate to find success. This move is no different.

Back in 2017, Young explained the reason behind the split from his former counterpart Curt Cameruci, “I wanted to take creative control of my career, music and artistic vision.”

As long as he continues making music, we’ll be listening.

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