Flume’s “Tennis Court” remix is finally available on Spotify nine years after it came out

Music rights are a fickle topic. And nearly a decade ago, it was even more of a wild west environment than it is today, with myriad shady contracts or unclear terms being levied, especially in dance music where the major labels hadn’t quite yet permeated the genre to the degree they have today.

So, cue Flume’s iconic remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” in 2014 — the song has only been available on SoundCloud and YouTube for nearly a decade, without an upload on the world’s largest streaming service, Spotify. That has now changed. As of this past weekend, the “Tennis Court” remix from Flume is now available to stream on Spotify to your heart’s content.

When this song came out nine years ago, it ushered in the future bass era. And though the genre has somewhat subsided in recent years, we still look back on it fondly.

Listen to the song again and add it to all your playlists now!

Photo via Bianca Holderness for Splendour in the Grass