Getter & Nick Colletti Put Original Suh Dude Video Up For Sale As NFT

“Suh Dude” was born in 2015 and at that moment the world was changed forever. Not really. But also kind of.

The brain child of Tanner Petulla, aka Getter, and Nick Colletti, the meme went on to become a cultural phenomenon for a bit and is still fairly often referenced as a method of greeting between friends. Now, you can own the “original” Suh Dude video as an NFT.

Yesterday, the video went on sale via, and has already reached a bid of 5.00 ETH, equivalent to $10,482.45. The previous highest bid was only $3,144.73.

If you want to own a piece of internet history, the auction ends in approximately seven hours (around 5pm PST).

Check it out below.