Grabbitz Stuns With Sophomore Album, “Time Isn’t Real” [Out Now]

Grabbitz has never been one to stick to the status quo. When he released his debut album, Things Change, in 2017, we were at the height of the future bass movement, with rock vocals and instrumentation only just beginning to break through into electronic music. (With the popularity of Sullivan King or Kayzo nowadays, you wouldn’t think it.)

However, his own musical history and love of rock heavily influenced his productions and led us to his new release, Time Isn’t Real. On the surface, the album title alone is an homage to the past couple years when we were all stuck inside and days blend into each other. Beneath the surface, it could be a reference to the wide variety of time signatures on the album which keep listeners guessing from start to finish.

The one common thread between each song is, it almost goes without saying, Grabbitz. But that’s not to refer to the person, but the brand and theme that that person has established. Pounding drums, gritty guitar riffs, incredible vocals, and an irreverent appreciation for his roots, the “Grabbitz” album experience is really unlike anything else in electronic music.

Five of the album’s songs were previously released as singles, including the hits “Pigs In The Sky” and “Pain Killer.” But you’ll soon have tracks like “RIP,” “Bad Lovers Suite,” and “Dying To Know You” on repeat, as well.

Check out the full album below!