Hex Cougar Expands His World With 'Under The Light Of A Dying Moon' EP Full-Length Short Film | Your EDM

Hex Cougar’s Under The Light Of A Dying Moon EP, released almost four months ago, now has a full-length short film to tell its story in an enthralling visual tale. While the EP clocks in at 22 minutes, the short-film is a mere 9-and-a-half, taking only the most important storytelling elements of each single and using them in the most effective way.

“With the Under The Light Of A Dying Moon EP, I really wanted to create a unique and in-depth world for my music to live in and for people to join me in,” says Hex Cougar. “This film encapsulating the full EP takes that idea a step further, illustrating a literal world that my characters journey through – in this case, it’s the story of one girl being chased by a mysterious dark force and how she overcomes it. It’s a story that I think most people can relate to: being haunted by your past and struggling to come to terms with it.”

The mysterious dark force appears in ephemeral ways throughout the film before our main character faces her demons directly. There are moments you’ll find yourself asking, “Did I really just see that?” Even in the beginning, little bits of foreshadowing tell of what she’ll be facing later. Shadows ebb and flow from the darkness, and her whole journey always seems like it has no end.

But of course, it finally does — and I almost expected Hex himself to be summoned at the end there. Check out the full video below.

The video arrives with no shortage of heavy-hitting talent. Coming courtesy of production houses FWD Future (Justin Bieber, Rufus Du Sol) and Void Productions (Goldenvoice, Insomniac, Interscope) and starring Sumi Oshima (So You Think You Can Dance, Justin Timberlake, Young Thug, A Tribe Called Quest) and Tim Neff (Westworld, The Irishman, American Horror Story, Post Malone, David Guetta), the project was also shot by three-time Emmy winning cinematographer Matthew Halla (Hasbro, Disney, Star Wars) and additionally produced with the help of Kurk Kasparian (Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez).