Illenium Gets Honest On Why He Won't Be Live Streaming Any Sets for Quarantine

Hundreds of artists have been introduced to live streaming music from their own homes as a necessity due to COVID-19 and as a result of the pandemic cancelling shows worldwide. Still, others have held out. Bassnectar was one of the first to notably remain absent from the digital video world, and now Illenium has also come to explain why you won’t be seeing him on streams anytime soon.

“Just wanted to quickly address the live streaming a set thing,” he started in a post from his personal account in his Illenials Facebook family group. “I won’t be live streaming any sets during this time.

“The main reason is because I don’t have a new amazing show to showcase and ascend just finished and that’s online everywhere. I’m loving how supporting the community is of the other artists doing streams but I’m really focusing on music right now and saving the live experience for our first time back together in a proper setting. Couldn’t be more stoked on the music I’m currently working on thought!! Lots of dope stuff to come! Love y’all.”

One of those tracks is a new collaboration with Said The Sky.

So keep an eye out for new Illenium music, but don’t hold your breath on a live stream.

Photo by Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images