Insomniac Launches New Cannabis Initiative With “Official Flower” of EDC, ‘RNBW’

Insomniac is breaking into the world of cannabis and launching their own line of cannabis strains called RNBW, with varieties including Night Owl, Peach Cobbler, Party Crasher, Spread Love, Chai High, Desert Wind, Fluffy Pillows, and more.

“Intersecting live music and cannabis culture is something I’ve been looking forward to and the time is finally here,” writes Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella. “I can’t wait for us to take this immersive journey together.”

The flower is available at select stores including Thrive, Jardin, Cookies, SixtyFour & Hope, and more, and will eventually be available at Insomniac festivals themselves (in legal states).

Check out the announcement below.

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