Justin Bieber Drops New Collab With TroyBoi, “Red Eye,” on ‘Justice (The Complete Edition)’

After seven months, Justin Bieber returned to streaming services yesterday with an updated version to his Justice album, sharing The Complete Edition with three new songs, including a fresh collaboration with TroyBoi, “Red Eye.”

The collaboration is a huge deal for TroyBoi, who joins the growing list of electronic producers who’ve worked with the worldwide pop star, including Skrillex, Diplo, and Virtual Riot. And while Skrillex and Virtual Riot may have worked on the original album, they only received production and writing credits — TroyBoi gets the full-fledged feature treatment.

“Red Eye” is a perfect blend of Bieber’s vision and lyrics with perfect accompanying production from TroyBoi who includes some of iconic samples and effects. You can hear the “B O I” vocaloid sample, as well as some of his more well-known synths and effects throughout the new song.

Check it out below!