Kaskade & DC Comics Tease Partnership In Obscure Tweet

With the growing popularity of electronic dance music over the past decade, the opportunities afforded to EDM producers have grown immeasurably. Once relegated to dark warehouses and renegade events in deserts, we’ve now seen artists like Marshmello, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and more partner with pop culture media and brands more than ever before.

Kaskade appears to be jumping into the deep end, announcing some sort of new partnership DC Comics, creators of Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and, of particular relevance in his case, Superman.

The American producer shared an obscure tweet depicting an image of the Superman logo along with his own logo, tagging DC Comics and including a link to his shop page. We’re hesitant to theorize any sort of film/soundtrack partnership given the shop logo. It’s more likely that they will release some sort of merch collaboration, as Steve Aoki and Dim Mak have been doing with many brands for the past couple years.

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