KSHMR on Debut Album: “Maybe One of the Best Electronic Albums of All Time”

KSHMR is gearing up to release his debut album, which he is calling “one of the most ambitious, maybe even one of the best electronic albums of all time…”

KSHMR has undoubtedly pushed electronic music forward in amazing ways, but the statement is already getting the producer mixed reviews on Twitter. Some believe he has every right to be proud of his work, while others find the assertion less than humble.

The other half of the tweet is perhaps more difficult to digest: “I know it sounds crazy but I just can’t imagine anybody else taking you on a journey quite like this, or even trying.” The thought that other producers don’t “try” by his standards is not sitting quite right.

KSHMR eases with a follow-up tweet: “I think it’s best music I’ve made, maybe the best I can make. It took 2 yrs + now I’m that annoying parent who wants to tell everyone how great their kid is, I’ll calm down.”

Regardless on where anyone stands, KSHMR has us all talking about his debut album and now he has set the expectations remarkably high. We look forward to hearing what he has in store.

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