LSDREAM Drops Melodic, Wobbly New Single, “Follow The Vibe” with Taylr Renee

It’s been a little over six months since LSDREAM’s last release, “Space Funk” with Z-Trip. Now, he returns with a glistening orbital listening experience featuring Taylr Renee, “Follow The Vibe.”

Combining some elevated elements of space bass, breakbeat, and glitch, “Follow The Vibe” starts with the dreamy vocals of Renee and a calming melody. The first drop is LSDREAM’s typical space bass with massive emphasis on the space, leaving huge amounts of it between bass synths. Devoid of melody, it’s like floating aimlessly in the void.

Next up, he adds a bit of glitch hop to the mix with some chopped up percussion and stabs, always adding melody in later to bring it back to ground.

Finally, he brings breakbeat into the mix with some vivacious drums that add another layer of complexity and variety to the whole journey. The beautiful melodic breakdown at the end is also well worth the listen as it ties everything up wonderfully.

Listen below, out now on Wakaan!


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