Marshmello gets nostalgic with third single of the year, “Eternal”

Is there a concrete rule for how old something has to be before you can feel nostalgic for it? Likely not, but Marshmello is making a pretty strong case for 8 years.

Back in 2015, Marshmello erupted onto the scene with a unique brand of saccharine, bubbly synth music behind the guise of a mysterious, mallow’d DJ on stage. The sound was incredibly easy to engage with, without an overabundance of complex sound design and some very simple melodies. But it was quality and, most importantly, really fun.

He released his debut album Joytime the following year, and has released two follow-ups as well as his most recent album in 2021, Shockwave, featuring a bit more of his heavier sound thanks to collaborations with TroyBoi, DJ Sliiink, Carnage, NITTI, Eptic, Subtronics, PEEKABOO, and SIPPY.

Now in 2023, eight years following his debut, he’s showing off a return to that original sound for what we can only assume is the beginnings of Joytime IV.

Eight years ago, the simple sound was a response to a trend of overproduced releases, but now it’s a callback and nostalgic moment. Check out his new song “Eternal,” out today, below, as well as the other two singles this year, “Unity” and “Party Jumpin’.”

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