Marshmello & Ray Volpe finally release long-awaited collaboration, “Old School”

Unlike a lot of ID collaborations that spend weeks to months on the road before finally being dropped, Marshmello and Ray Volpe only started playing out “Old School” relatively recently. When we say that the collaboration has been “long-awaited,” we mean that fans have been asking for this pairing for much, much, much longer.

The two have always occupied a similar space in the bass music audio field, and the end result of their eventual collaboration is a great example of meshing their two sounds together.

“Old School” is fairly short, clocking in at just a little over two minutes, and the drop doesn’t hit until right about the half-way mark, so listeners are surely going to be replaying that ~70 second chunk ad nauseum for quite a while. That being said, the drop wonderfully scratches the itch of getting input from both artists and for that we are thankful.

Check out “Old School” from Marshmello and Ray Volpe below!