Mat Zo Apologizes, Draws Massive Criticism For Anti-BTS, Asian-Directed Tweets

Some things are better kept to yourself and not shared publicly on Twitter, and Mat Zo learned that yesterday when he began tweeting out criticisms of massive Korean pop band, BTS. After calling the band “niche in the west,” despite having a hefty fan base in the US, he continued to say that the fans on social media seemed “suspicious” and he said there was a “fake vibe” to it all.

Many fans and supporters of the band took offense to his statements, calling them racist and he issued a bland apology. He gave the usual “while I never intended to hurt or offend anyone” spiel, and said he would be “stepping away from social media” in order to reflect on his actions.

The original tweets have been deleted but you can see what he said below.

Of course, it didn’t end there as users began looking up old tweets from Mat Zo and found many more examples of racist, fetishizing, and offensive tweets from the artist.

Dabin, an Asian-Canadian DJ, offered his own sentiments on the situation, saying it “really sucked seeing a producer I have so much respect for undervalue Korean music like that.”

Ultimately, as Mat Zo has apparently “left” social media for a bit, there’s not much more than fans can do on that side to engage or even try to educate him on the matter, but we’ll see what the situation is like whenever he chooses to re-enter the world electronically.


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