Mike Martel Releases Euphoric Future Bass Single, “Pull You Under” Ft. Drew Love

From Mexico, Miguel Aleman Serrano, better known as Mike Martel is a rising star with a knack for spinning infectious tunes and getting people hyped. He’s even performed at a multitude of well known clubs and festivals in Mexico such as the Vaiven Festival, Corona Capital, Surf Music Fest and Mega Feria Acapulco just to name a few.

Now, he’s making his musical debut with an uplifting future bass single, “Pull You Under” ft. the amazing vocals of Drew Love. Layered with Drew’s breathtaking vocals, Mike weaves through soft guitar patterns, euphoric melodies, and a drop that will seemingly take you into the heavens. 

“This song is about the twists and turns of life, about learning to let go of the people and things that hold us back, and about realizing that things don’t always go as planned.” – Mike Martel

Listen below!