Nirvana’s Hits Reimagined with House & Techno Album in Support of LGBTQ+ Community

Nirvana’s greatest hits have been primed for the dancefloor.

Nirvana Reimagined As House And Techno marks 27 years since frontman Kurt Cobain’s death, celebrating his legacy and the band’s lasting impact. Headed up by producers Jonathan Hay and Cain McKnight, the 27-track collection includes “Come As You Are (Techno Mix),” “Something in the Way (House Mix)” and many more.

In true Nirvana fashion, the music stands for much more, upholding “Kurt Cobain’s unapologetic narrative of LGBTQIA+ visibility, advancement and advocating for victims of rape and sexual abuse.” Proceeds from the recordings go to GLAAD and MusiCares.

Hay and McKnight founded R.U.S.H Music and Tech Row Records and started reimagining popular musical catalogs, while genre-bending the all-time greats including Eric B. & Rakim, The Notorious B.I.G.Tupac Shakur — and now Nirvana.

GRAMMY writer Morgan Enos sums up the release: “Now, we have this unconventional, electronic tribute, presenting Cobain in a context that few would think of, but which makes perfect sense in retrospect.”

Listen below.

Nirvana Reimagined As House And Techno