Pasquale Rotella Makes Statement via Day Trip Addressing Last-Minute Venue Change

Two days ago, Day Trip Fest, the new IP from Insomniac that promised beach front vibes and a cool ocean breeze to accompany plenty of wonderful house music, moved from Berth 46 in San Pedro to the parking lot adjacent to SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, about 20 miles away. Predictably, many people were angry at the last minute change, especially as Insomniac’s reasoning suggested the move was simply in an effort to sell more tickets.

Late last night, Pasquale Rotella took to the Day Trip Instagram account to explain the reason behind the move.

“After we sold out at capacity, we were notified that Berth 46, an LA City-owned venue, was having challenges providing the necessary City resources & staffing for an event of our size over the first major holiday weekend out of COVID,” he explained. “This left us with a difficult choice: randomly pick thousands of you out of a hat to cancel your tickets & stay at Berth 46, or move to a venue in the City of Inglewood with the available resources to ensure every ticketholder could join us. This was an unfortunate reality with producing the first music festival in Cali coming out of a pandemic.”

Pasquale claimed earlier in his statement that the reason for not disclosing that information in the first place was because “we didn’t feel [the whole story] would provide value & would only create confusion.” As it turns out, the opposite was true.

In addressing the new location, will have free shuttles from the hotels near Berth 46 and will also pay down the parking fees at Hollywood Lot so that parking is free. Beyond that, if you still want a refund, you can email [email protected]

Many in the comments are happy with Pasquale owning up to the perceived slight toward fans, many others are still upset the move happened in the first place. You can read the full statement and look at comments from would-be attendees in the post from Day Trip below.


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