Porter Robinson's First New Song In 6 Years Is Out Now & It Was Worth The Wait

Out of nowhere yesterday, Porter Robinson revealed his second album Nurture would be out later this year, along with the first single to be released this morning, “Get your Wish.” This is his first new solo original song since he released Worlds in 2014.

“Get your Wish” is out now and it’s everything we’ve wanted from a new era of Porter. It’s got shimmering synths, beautiful instrumentation, and just the right sort of je ne sais quois we’ve come to expect from the talented producer. You can bet that fans are going to have this on repeat for as long as it takes for the next single to come out.

In a new tweet, Porter explained the story behind the single, saying it’s about finding a reason to move forward, “even if it’s not for your own sake.”

“I was doing really badly in 2015, 2016, and early 2017. My entire life revolved around making music, but for the first time in my life, I was struggling to make anything at all. I was desperate to make something I was proud of, but the more I struggled, the worse the problem became. I was very seriously depressed and genuinely thought my life as I knew it was over.”

Listen to “Get your Wish,” the new single from Porter Robinson, below.


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