REPORT: Berlin Police Break Up "Party Protest" for Violating Social Distancing Rules

German protesters recently joined together to show support for Berlin’s club scene, which turned into a straight up rave down the Spree River over the weekend and received criticism for a number of reasons.

Like so many dance music hotspots across the globe, Berlin thrives on its nightlife and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused a massive blow to the industry. Although clubs are reopening in due time, strict social distancing guidelines mean no dancing allowed.

The rally-turned-party set out with “good intentions” and many members from the city’s club scene were in attendance — actually, too many. A reported 1,500 – 3,000 people showed up and 300 to 400 boats and kayaks linked up on the river at once.

As you can see from the video below, social distancing requirements were almost completely ignored. The police ultimately shut down the protest “due to distances not being maintained and due to complaints over loud music.”

The floating protest party was also criticized for being “tone deaf,” because it conflicted with another nearby event at the same time in support of the anti-police brutality protests here in the states.

If you’re out there protesting, no matter the cause, please keep social distancing requirements in mind.


Source: DW