REPORT: DJ Equipment More Expensive & In Short Supply in 2021

In 2021, DJ equipment is more expensive and in short supply, according to a new report.

Third party distributor DJ Tech Tools reveals a number of factors over the past 18 months that have led to high demand and low supply in the dance music gear industry.

These factors include the rising costs of parts, labor and shipping, as well as chip shortages and the demand for live events recovering slowly. The used market is currently a good source for buying equipment, but prices are still inflated.

DJ Tech Tools recommends, “If you’re looking to buy DJ gear or production hardware in the next 6 months, start thinking about it now.”

While the lockdown proved to be an opportune time to get into DJing and music production, equipment may be more difficult to acquire until these ongoing situations level out.

Read the full report, DJ gear: prices going up, supply low – here’s why + what every DJ should do right now, here.


H/T: DJ Mag | Source: DJ Tech Tools | Photo via