Rival Teams Up With Caravn For One Of His Best Tracks Yet, “Sleepwalking”

Your EDM has been keeping a close eye on Rival since early 2019 and you can bet he’s been an artist to watch (wink wink). Over the past nearly 24 months, not just the quality but the insane quantity of tracks he’s released while at that quality has been an absolute pleasure to behold. But his latest collaboration, “Sleepwalking” with Caravn, is perhaps the most delectable ear candy he’s released yet.

That very first piano note hits with so much emotion, so much sadness. And Caravn, not to diminish Rival’s part in this collaboration, but he’s absolutely the star. His voice is an absolute sirensong in a sea of similar voices and brings the track to a completely new level. Then again, Rival’s composition is orchestral and massive, with deep, deep bass and room-filling intensity.

“Sleepwalking” is incredibly, unbelievably powerful. The combination of Rival and Caravn seems worthy of a full, new collaboration — but that’s up to them.

Listen below.