Roblox Announces Partnership with Sony Music, Bringing Artists Into the Metaverse

Roblox has partnered up with Sony Music Entertainment as a means to streamline music across the global platform. The new collaboration aims to bring recording artists into the Roblox metaverse, which is particularly popular among young users.

Under the agreement, “Roblox and Sony Music will work together to develop innovative music experiences for the Roblox community that offer a range of new commercial opportunities for Sony Music artists to reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams around virtual entertainment.”

Just last month, Roblox was hit with a $200 million lawsuit for allegedly streaming copyrighted music without permission or payout. The National Music Publishers’ Association filed on behalf of several labels including Universal Music Publishing, Big Machine Records, Concord Music Group, Downtown Music Publishing and Kobalt Music Group.

Despite the legal trouble, Roblox aims to provide the “opportunity for the new generation of music fans to discover, share, and get closer to music and artists they love.” For artists and labels, Roblox offers “unique and creative way to engage and attract millions of fans.”

Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music at Roblox states:

Sony Music has been a fantastic partner and I am pleased to deepen and lengthen our relationship. They truly understand the massive opportunity that the metaverse presents for their artists and we are committed to helping them unlock new creative and commercial opportunities on Roblox,” said Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music, Roblox. “We are just scratching the surface of what Roblox can deliver to the music industry and to music fans around the world.

Previously, the two companies worked together on Lil Nas X’s hit virtual and viral Roblox performance in November 2020. Also, more recently, the Zara Larsson Launch Party on Roblox in May 2021.

Last year, Roblox teamed up with Monstercat in a similar effort to circulate electronic music across the platform. At the time, the platform reported 150 million active monthly users — and now, it’s more like 199 million.

More on the Roblox x Sony partnership here.


H/T: TechCrunch | Photo via Roblox