Skrillex Wipes His Instagram, & Fans Are Excited Over The Hope Of New Music

We’ve written about this before, but an artist wiping their Instagram, as innocuous as it might be in the real world, usually means some sort of announcement in the music world. AREA21 wiped their Instagram and then announced their debut album; Louis The Child wiped their Instagram and then announced a new tour; Swedish House Mafia wiped their Instagram and then announced a slew of shows and festival dates.

Clearly, the trend means something is happening.

Now, Skrillex has wiped his whole Instagram. Last June, he wiped nearly all of it, but this is the first time that we know of that all posts are gone, and the profile picture depicting a prompt to “add music here” is fueling the rumors of new music coming soon.

Already there have been teasers of collaborations with J Balvin, Kid Cudi, and josh pan floating around, so take your pick as to which one we could be seeing first.

Either way, one Reddit commenter put it best, we just hope it isn’t another NFT.



Photo via Marilyn Hue