South Korea Shuts Down Over 2,100 Clubs After New Coronavirus Outbreak Traced Back To Nightclub

Over 2,100 establishments have reportedly shut down across Seoul after an outbreak of over 50 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

This new cluster has been traced back to a 29-year-old man who tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting five clubs and bars in Itaewon over the weekend of May 1st. With social distancing rules relaxed, authorities believe as many as 1,500 were in attendance.

Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said, “Carelessness can lead to an explosion in infections.”

“Even during the stabilization phase, similar situations can arise again, anytime, anywhere in an enclosed, crowded space,” he said. “We must never lower our guard regarding epidemic prevention.”

After suffering from one of the worst early outbreaks, Seoul was eager to take steps toward a normal routine. However, this seems to be a prime example of how badly things can get when social distancing rules are lifted too soon.

South Korea has suffered 10,874 infections and 256 deaths due to COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Sources: NPR | Photo via Pixnio