Space Laces, Moore Kismet Working On New Collabs With Skrillex

Excision’s Bass Canyon wrapped up yesterday after taking a year off in 2020 due to COVID-19, like so many other festivals, and it came back with an undisputed bang. One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, Space Laces, performed on Saturday and had many saying it was one of, if not the best of the weekend — though of course individual artists’ fans will always say that.

Even still, one of the tracks he dropped gained the attention of fans on Twitter as it was being reported as a collaboration between him and Skrillex — see the first track below.

It wasn’t long after that before fans on Twitter began the regular ritual of “yeah but it would be cool if skrillex collab’d with [blank].” @FLEXXASmusic happened to mention Moore Kismet, and, unexpected, they revealed something is already in the works!

“I’ve been asked this like 15 million times, and I was gonna keep this a super secret, but my patience runs thin FAST, so: this is in the works, it sounds crazy, and no, I’m not showing y’all cause it ain’t done yet LMAO.”

They continued, “now stop asking me please lol.”

To fans’ credit, Moore Kismet followed up with another tweet saying, “y’all annoy me with the question, but it wouldn’t have been possible without you, so ILYSM.”

Keep an eye out for both of these collabs, whenever they may drop! Though, as we know with both Skrillex and Space Laces, it might take a while.


Photo via Marilyn Hue