Steve Aoki & Marvel Release First Collaboration – Venom vs. Carnage

DJ/Producer Steve Aoki’s fashion and record label, DIM MAK has joined forces with Marvel Entertainment for official “Marvel x Dim Mak: Venom vs. Carnage” –  a series of upcoming co-branded releases featuring iconic superheroes and supervillains of the Marvel Universe that is set to release on Friday, September 24th. The first collaboration, “Marvel x Dim Mak: Venom vs. Carnage” transports Marvel’s darker, more gruesome characters into new depths by conjoining it with the Dim Mak’s punk meets EDM ethos.

Venom, the rebel alien symbiote who was banished by his brethren on planet Klyntar and who was bonded to a Kree soldier before briefly latching himself to Spiderman, is a complicated and conflicted character barely toeing the line between good and evil.  Teetering between his desire to protect humanity versus his nature to devour humanity, Venom is our favorite anti-hero. When Venom’s malicious spawn, Carnage proves more powerful than its progenitor, Venom must temporarily team up with his arch nemesis, Spiderman to save us all.

“Everyone has a dark side and Venom truly represents the paradigm of overcoming one’s inner-demons.  When you can put your struggles aside for the betterment of others, you are a hero,“ believes Steve Aoki.

The Marvel x Dim Mak: Venom vs. Carnage drop features incredible artistry from the Marvel archives and showcases the epic battles between Venom, Carnage and Spiderman. The six-piece capsule collection includes T-shirts in black and gradient tie dye ($38-45) and Hoodies in slime green and blood red tie dyes ($75-85).

The first Marvel x Dim Mak: Venom vs. Carnage drop will be available exclusively on and on the NTWRK App starting from Friday, September 24, 2021 in limited supplies.