Trivecta Evolves As An Artist With Transcendent New EP, 'Everyday' | Your EDM

It’s been just a little over 6 years, nearly to the day, since Trivecta made his debut on Monstercat with “One Night Only.” In the time since, he’s shown his consistency in production and style, always pumping out quality music — but only ever singles. Until now.

Today, Trivecta releases his debut EP, Everyday, an ultimate culmination of everything he’s put into his project over the past six years and a tangible evolution in who he is as an artist. The four songs go quickly, but leave remarkable impressions.

First up after the intro is “Leave It All Behind” with Fagin, a folk/EDM crossover pioneered by Ophelia Records founder Seven Lions. Trivecta brings intense life and vivacity to the song, with soaring chords and beautiful melodies.

But it’s “Wasteland” that could be one of my favorite songs of the entire year. Soulful vocals, beautiful writing, and the perfect amount of suspense paired with release and you have the recipe for a god-tier mainstage progressive house anthem. Listening to this the first time, I felt like it was on par with the likes of “Reload” and “Calling,” with its incredibly melody, drums, and catchy vocals. Trivecta takes it a step further by switching up the second drop, proving why this EP belongs on Ophelia. The dubstep drop makes the melody that much more powerful, bringing in so much melody that it’s almost overwhelming, but little additions like the whimsical arpeggio and the well-timed break help to keep the vibes flowing.

This is one of those tracks that I absolutely cannot wait to hear on a mainstage.

The EP ends on a wonderfully upbeat note, with “Everyday” feat. Rico & Miella. It’s not quite house, not quite anything… it’s in its own little realm and beautifully composed at that. It’s almost like a dancier version of Ed Sharpe, and we love it.


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