TR!P HVZVRD: A Sonic Maverick Through Adversity and Artistry

In the vast expanse of Wyoming, a rising force in the electronic music scene is taking shape. TR!P HVZVRD, a 29-year-old bass music producer from Story, Wyoming, uses his unique talent to inspire and empower others to embrace their true selves. This sonic trailblazer has immersed himself in music his entire life and now aims to unite like-minded bass music enthusiasts through his music collective, STVY HVZVRDOUS.

A tale of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of music, TR!P HVZVRD embodies the essence of innovation and individuality. Overcoming addiction, hardship, incarceration, and recovery, he has turned adversity into a driving force for good. Through STVY HVZVRDOUS, he fosters a sense of community, growth, and authenticity.

With over 200K plays and 2,800 followers on SoundCloud, TR!P HVZVRD has already made an impact in the world of electronic music. A testament to his relentless drive and passion, he has performed at several music festivals, including Mad Mountain Music Festival 2021 and Synesthesia Music & Arts Festival 2022. He has also shared the stage with notable artists such as Josh Teed, Daggz, Protohype, Tsimba, DMVU, and Another Methodology.

The upcoming release of TR!P HVZVRD’s new single, “Without You,” promises to be an unforgettable sonic hazard that will trip the senses of any bass music aficionado. This kaleidoscopic journey through innovative sound design and heart-stirring lyrics explores themes of dependence and gratitude, with the echoing mantra, “I don’t know what I would do without you,” as the guiding light.

TR!P HVZVRD’s story is not just about music but also about overcoming the odds. Despite the challenges of living in Wyoming and losing his father to the ongoing complications of a stroke in February 2020, right before the pandemic, he continues to invest time in his craft, refusing to be deterred by his surroundings. When asked what wisdom he would want to share with others, TR!P HVZVRD emphasized that “success isn’t measured by how many bangers you can make, but by how much time you invest in yourself and your craft.” He urges aspiring artists to stop comparing themselves to others and to embrace their uniqueness.

Looking towards the future, TR!P HVZVRD has big dreams and aspirations. He envisions his project as a well-known name in electronic music, a beacon of hope in a sea of copycats. With plans for a music producer retreat in the Wyoming/South Dakota area and aspirations to build STVY HVZVRDOUS into a platform for many artists, TR!P is determined to create, learn, and grow with his community.

As TR!P HVZVRD continues to conquer Wyoming’s bass scene, his journey stands as a testament that no place is too small to emerge from and no adversity too great to overcome. Join him on his path to self-discovery, innovation, and transformation, and let his story inspire you to be true to yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and create something extraordinary.

Don’t miss out on TR!P’s incredible journey and unique bass music. Check out his tracks on SoundCloud and Spotify, and stay up-to-date with his latest releases and performances by following him on social media. Explore the STVY HVZVRDOUS collective at and support the movement for change, authenticity, and inclusivity in the electronic music scene.

Make sure to mark your calendars and pre-save the release of “Without You” on April 30th, and join TR!P and the STVY HVZVRDOUS collective as they continue to navigate the hazardous landscape of the music industry, pushing boundaries and inspiring the next generation of artists.