Watch All The Emotional, Explosive Sets From Illenium’s One And Only Trilogy Performance

This past weekend, Illenium made history as the first artist, electronic or otherwise, to perform at the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas as well as marking the biggest performance (in the US at least) by a single headliner in electronic music. He performed a one-of-a-kind show to send off his Trilogy albums — Ashes, Awake, and Ascend — before the release of his fourth album, Fallen Embers, on July 16.

Each set was composed of not only songs from the albums themselves, but also songs he’d play in that era, during those album tours. This led to some incredibly emotional moments during the Ashes set and some truly explosive moments from the Awake and Ascend sets.

At the very end of the night, he played a short set to preview the new album, sharing three unreleased songs: “Blame Myself” with Tori Kelly, “Brave Soul” with Emma Grace, and “Crazy Times” with Said The Sky and Rock Mafia.

You can watch all of the sets in full below (for now, before they get taken down)! You can head to 1:08:00 in the Ascend set for the moment during the performance that absolutely broke this writer.




Fallen Embers


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