Watch Skrillex Throw Down For His First Set In New York In 4 Years [FULL SET]

Few artists can trend on Twitter for simply announcing a single show, but that’s what Skrillex did last week before his grand return to New York City at Avant Gardner, his first set in the state in four years.

It’s been a long four years for Skrillex fans, bombarded with promises (or, rather, rumors) of an album, year after year after year. Not to mention plenty of releases that spanned various genres, many of them outside what was considered the artist’s “typical” style.

Nonetheless, it’s widely known that his live sets still go absolutely off, and that seems to be the consensus about last week’s show at Avant Gardner. BMR vlogs on YouTube was there and captured the full, incredible set, now available for you to rewatch if you were there, or watch for the first time if you weren’t able to make it.

Check it out below and head to 1001tracklists here to see the full tracklist.


Photo via Marilyn Hue