Your EDM Guest Mix: Maztek's Mini Mix for His Huge New Single Out Now on 0101 | Your EDM

Maztek’s new dual singles “R3537” and “Arps and Stuff” just released on all platforms last Friday on his 0101 imprint and they’re just as epic as any full album’s hes put out. With fun futuristic synths and rolling, snare-heavy beats, these two tracks are bound to put a little pep in the partier’s step, no matter where that party may be happening. And speaking of parties, Maztek is also helping to keep the at-home jams going with a new exclusive mini-mix to intro “R3537” and “Arps and Stuff” DJ-style.

What’s kind of fun and interesting about both “R3537” and “Arps and Stuff” is that the synth melodies are done in major, or slightly happier, registers than the usual Maztek or even general hard D&B vibe. It makes for a sort of spacey feel in “Arps and Stuff,” as the synths sound itself is sort of bubbly and galactic sounding. There’s also an element of video game style in this one, with one synth in the interlude sounding like a cross between Pac Man and Space Invaders. Meanwhile the absolutely scathing snares are done in an unconventional pattern that makes them sort of cyclone around the beat. You could call “Arps and Stuff” a roller but you wouldn’t really be doing it justice.

“R3537” has a harder edge to it that fans might recognize more as Maztek, but there’s still a cheeky little major synth weaving in and out that sort of brings the rave vibe up a bit. Here the synths are still whip-fast but they syncopate a little closer to the beat. In “R3537,” Maz plays with all the drums – and we do mean all of them – to make the main structure of the track rather than allowing the synth to take the lead the way it does in “Arps and Stuff.” It’s clear to see how these two tracks go together with their futuristic feel technically they’re still quite different.

MΔZTEK · Maztek Guest Mix For Your EDM

As far as today’s guest mix is concerned, fans need not fret because Maztek’s still done it dark and fast. He’s folded the two new tracks in expertly, playing with the synths in “Arps and Stuff” to the extent that is sounds like a wholly different track. It’s a fun listen and will definitely get all the quarantined heads up and out of their beds.

It’s important to keep the vibe going right now, so Your EDM is grateful to Maztek and all the artists who are contributing to keep us all entertained through the shut-down. Hopefully we’ll soon all meet on the dancefloor but in the meantime, thanks to DJs and musicians, any floor is good to get down.

“R3537” and “Arps and Stuff” are out now and can be purchased or streamed on multiple platforms by clicking here. Thanks again to Maztek for the mix.