ZHU to debut documentary with Amazon Music, “Welcome To Dreamland”

Today, Amazon Music announced Welcome to Dreamland, a brand-new documentary following the story of ZHU’s journey back to the stage after a year when live music hit pause. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage and intimate interviews, the documentary captures what it’s like to take the stage for six historic sold out shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater with ZHU. Set for release this Friday, September 10th, fans can watch the trailer for the documentary below.

Featuring his Amazon Original track Z-TRAIN,” Welcome to Dreamland touches on the cryptic image and persona that shrouds ZHU’s world—his music, his fashion, his fans—and visually encapsulates the thrilling feeling of the return to live music for a string of shows at Red Rocks.

“Over the last several projects, I have explored many different sounds and ideas not knowing the outcome. It is only with my fans’ love and support that I continue to innovate and be the best that I can,” said ZHU. “Thank you, Amazon Music for helping me share a piece of Dreamland through this documentary. I want the fans to know that Dreamland is just beginning. Buckle up.”


Photo via Joey Vitalari